Meet the Team
The club has a whole host of individuals that make up the Roman Park team. Starting with the manager who is at the heart of the club for it's everyday running. His team includes bar staff with many different qualities and always with a friendly smile. The club wouldn’t function without some of the back room operations - the committee work tirelessly to plan and arrange social events throughout the year, whilst the trustees oversee some of the more financial aspects associated with such a unique facility.

Howard has been with the club for over 15 years and his accumulated knowledge and experience allows him to run the club successfully and manage his dedicated team of bar staff whilst catering for every requirement our residents have. If you have an enquiry Howard is the best person to speak to, he can advise you on various aspects including organising a large function for a birthday or special occasion.

Howards Team:













Jon Efford - Chairman

Clare Bland - Secretary

Fred Godfrey - Treasurer

Harry Hind - Committee member


Chris Leighton - Chairman

Barry Wantling - Secretary

Jenny Sharp - Treasurer

Linda Morgan - Conveyancing

Bill Watts - Trustee

Assisting the Committee:

Michelle Efford

Clare Godfrey

Lynsey Hall

Barry Wantling

Jasmine Godfrey

Residents Committee: Monthly meetings last Friday of each month

For 2010 the committee have also enlisted the help of Michelle Efford, Clare Godfrey, Barry Wantling, Lynsey Hall and Jasmine Godfrey.

All committee members work tirelessly to organise the functions and social events all year round, from the Christmas Pantomime to the Summer Fun Day and a host of fun things in between. They are also responsible for organising the wine committee which maintains the clubs alcohol license and sets the prices.

Trustees: Monthly meetings 1st Thursday of each month

The trustees are responsible for Roman Park Management Ltd, which oversees various aspects of the club to ensure the residents best interests are always met. This responsibility includes the financial obligations that all businesses must adhere to.


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